New Year 2023


2023: The Year Ahead

John Doe

John Doe

New Year 2023

At least for yours truly, 2022 reminded me of Space Mountain – ups and downs and back up etc. My late beloved teacher, Stephen Russell used to say: “If things are going well, don’t worry, it won’t last. If things are going poorly, don’t worry, it won’t last.” Somewhere in the heavens, he is undoubtedly smiling now.

The Yin Side

For far too many, the economic struggles post-C has caused more stress, strain, depression, anxiety, and fear than I have seen at any time in my life. So many patients have expressed the above in a gut-wrenching fashion. In the past, most could tolerate it as they knew it was temporary. Today, that sentiment is not shared.

For such individuals and especially if you are one of these people, let us all take a moment to send a beautiful rainstorm of blessings of peace, abundance, and relief to all.

We can also take a moment to remember to practice. Practice kindness in harsh situations. Practice leadership when someone is lost. Practice being a warrior to those who need protection. Practice being a teacher so the student can learn for themselves.

The Yang Side

There have been many moments during the year when Mother Life decided to smile as broadly as she could.

In my own experience, we have had a fuzzy nightly visitor (raccoon) who has become a part of the family. Add that to the owl, bobcat, armadillo, opossum, lynx, rabbit, fox, coyote, and a few more. The Orman Family Zoo is growing.

It sometimes takes an animal to remind us of how good we really do have it, even when things are less than perfect.

We have another year of freedom and opportunity. Anyone and everyone here can become something that their heart desires. Yes, it takes work but that adds to the feeling of victory at the end.

My martial arts group at Central FL Systema has not only shown a dramatic increase in skill, but a willingness to explore, to fail, and to rise again. All of us – white, black, Spanish, Russian etc., have set an example of what it is like to work toward a goal not only regardless of our differences but because of them.

Last and best, there is nothing better than having the love and support of at least one person in one’s life. For me, my wife Lisa has reminded me that it is never too late to pursue a Dream. Drop the excuses, roll up your sleeves and GO FOR IT.

In Conclusion.

Our national leaders have yet again let us down. If you are over the age of 5, this comes as no surprise. What it does is remind us that We the People are the ones who can make a difference. We are the ones that can be the artists, painting our lives the way we desire, regardless of external factors.

We are alive. We are free. We are strong. We can pave the way for new year 2023 and make it a guiding light for those in darkness.