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Martial Arts

David Orman

David Orman has been training in the world of Martial Arts since 1985. He holds the rank of Black Belt in Karate, Aikido, Kendo, Tai Chi and Japanese sword. He also holds the rank of Full Instructor in the Russian art of Systema as well as and Krabi Krabong (Thai Stickfighting). David is one of 4 Americans to have completed the training and earn the title of Instructor in the British self-defense method called The Approach.
David was the first to open a Russian martial arts school in Central Florida called “Central FL Systema.” He is regarded as a skilled martial artist and highly inspiring teacher, blending Systema with other arts as well as acupuncture points, herbal medicine, Taoism, and other modalities in which he is an expert.
Martial Arts Training

About This Art


Systema is one of the most creative, powerful, and effective martial arts on the planet. It is characterized by free-flowing, relaxed movement without anything pre-planned. There are no memorized techniques. No stances. No katas. No ranking. It is pure training and movement. It is combat and street-tested. If you have been training in other arts, here is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and open yourself to new experiences. If you have never done any martial art, we welcome you to experience the strength that comes from relaxation.
“David is the best teacher I have ever had by far. I love this art and his classes are spectacular.” Carlos A.


Central Florida Systema is dedicated to learning this Russian martial art, as well as exploring how Systema can help improve our lives and the lives of others. It is about practicing this art for self-defense and self-development.
We are certified by Vladimir Vasiliev, Systema’s co-founder, and affiliated with Senior Instructors, David and Rick Merrell of South Florida.
“David has been a die-hard student for over a dozen years and has reached a high level of skill.” David Merrell, Senior Instructor Systema.

Location: Jessie Brock Center310 N. Dillard St.Winter Garden, FL 34787

Class Schedule: Monday: 7pm-8:30pm

Contact: David Orman 407-810-2171

About This Art 2

What is Krabi Krabong

We are a small group, passionate about the Thai stick fighting art of Krabi Krabong. Krabi Krabong uses primarily 2 35-36 inch sticks. They are designed to mimic sword work. Specific movements are practiced which include can vary from 3 to 11 or more sequential moves. Both powerful and very fun!

We are under the leadership of Thohsathep Sitiwatjana from Thailand, better known as Master O. He is one of the most respected Krabi Krabong Teachers in all of Thailand. His lineage is extensive and we are honored to have his wealth of knowledge and kindness of heart at our disposal.

Classes are Mondays from 6:15 – 7pm at the Jesse Brock Community Center in Winter Garden, FL. 

“David is the best teacher I have ever had by far. I love this art and his classes are spectacular.” Carlos A.


Classes are taught by Dr. David Orman who is certified in Krabi Krabong and the first to bring this art to Greater Orlando
All are welcome!
FOR SEMINARS and PRIVATE LESSONS, as well as class information, contact:

David Orman 407-810-2171

Systema Wellness

David has also started a Facebook Wellness group dedicated to Martial Artists and other athletes. Here you will find powerful techniques, useful health information about herbal therapies, acu point and other natural means designed to assist those who have made the Martial Arts a way of life.

Engage in discussions. Add information. Ask questions all of which will be answered by Dr. Orman

Click HERE to join now.

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